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    TheAustralian Tarot OracleBy JudithK

The Australian Tarot Oracle cards are unique in their content and presentation attracting the serious seeker and collector of cards.

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  • australian tarot cards
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  • australian oracle tarot cards pack

Each card is gold gilded and presented with quality card and finish.

The box of 76 picture cards, reflect the Australian energies.

The swagman shown on the front cover of the box reflects Australian history and the history of the outback country.

He is strong, hard working and knows how to make money. The swagman is considered a good card to pull from the pack.

The swagman presents a magical theme where he makes things happen.

The Tarot Oracle has never been presented like this before.

The beautifully boxed cards have been printed entirely in Australia.

They come with a booklet explaining how to use each card and the suggested spreads the seeker can use.

One does not have to be psychic or a Tarot reader to purchase and use the cards. Each card has a key word for the seeker to easily identify a meaning of the card chosen.

The design bestows a mystery attracting a magical curiosity to those who are attracted to them.

Priced at $220 AUD for a box of the cards (including postage and handling) the cards present as a beautiful gift or become a prized possession for the seeker to use.

Buy The Australian Tarot Oracle

$220 AUD*

*Includes worldwide postage & handling.

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Conscious Living, April 2019

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