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Numbers can be quite powerful and help with energy and decision-making.

Numbers can be exciting to play with as everyone seems to have a number that is a favourite for them and believing in your numbers seems to create mystery.

Knowing what numbers are best for you can often assist with decission making especially when it comes to important dates such as a marriage, buying a house, or the date you sign a contract . This can have a tremendous play in your happiness and success.

The number of your house or business can play an important part in your life as well as your car number plate or phone numbers.

Having a lucky number quite often makes you feel lucky and understanding about your numbers gives a sense of satisfaction.

Judith can talk to you about your numbers, many people have a number they already feel lucky with and Judith can give you other numbers that may be lucky for you.

Judith will give you your birth number and may be able to bring to your attention numbers in your life that have been with you for a long time without you realizing it.

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numerology perth wa

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