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Holistic or spiritual counselling offers support, guidance and direction when you need it the most.

It helps to promote and develop clarity of mind, with open discussion taking place and complete confidentiality.

Counselling can be discussed privately by phone, or in a skype session or a private sitting.

Holistic counselling is about discussion and feeling comfortable. Any area of discussion can take place from relationship issues, grief counselling to self development or stress. That choice is yours.

Guidance is also initiated with coping strategies, easy strategies to start the healing of the soul allowing self reflection and working through any issues giving you support and helping you to develop emotional strength.

Judith will offer you encouragement and coach you through any difficulties you may be experiencing.

If you are suffering from anxiety, stress, low self esteem, lack of confidence, needing to find your identity or just feel you need a boost then Judith has available a training package where she can assist you in learning to have more awareness confidence to do what you would like to do. The sessions would be structured around you personally to assist with your needs.

There is also a spiritual development package structured around what you are most interested in learning about.

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holistic counselling perth wa

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